The RedPen/BlackPen Guide To The Sciencing!

I think a lot about the process of doing science. I realized that there is a popular misconception about the linearity and purposefulness of doing science. In my experience that’s not at all how it usually happens. It’s much messier and stochastic than that- many different ways of starting and often times you realize (well after the fact) that you may not have had the most clear idea of what you were doing in the first place. My comic is about that, but clearly a little skewed to the side of chaos for comic effect.

The RedPen/BlackPen Guide To The Sciencing

The RedPen/BlackPen Guide To The Sciencing

A couple of links here. First to Matthew Hankins for the “mostly partial significance”, which was inspired by his list of ridiculous (non)significance statements that authors have actually used. Second is to myself since one of the outputs of this crazy flow chart-type thing is writing a manuscript. Which might go something like this.

Update: Just had this comic pointed out to me by my post-doc. Which is funny, because I’d never seen it before. And weirdly similar. Oh man. I was scooped! (oh the irony)

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