What peer review feels like

Sometimes, getting reviews back on a paper feels a bit like this. I’ve actually had this happen, reading through reviewer 1 and 2’s comments and feeling pretty good. Then scrolling down to find the last reviewer has totally chewed it up. Surprise!

Of course, reviewer 3 is (most of the time) not an actual person/reviewer position- but rather represents the bad, unfair, or just plain wrong-headed reviews that we frequently get on papers and grants. Sometimes the part of reviewer 3 is played by the editor too. And sometimes reviewer 3 is actually right.



16 thoughts on “What peer review feels like

  1. I want your permission to use your image in this blog (what peer review feels like) in an academic paper about visual displays in qualitative research.

    • Certainly! If you could provide some kind of citation (maybe just the URL to the original post)- that would be great. Please let me know by email jason.mcdermott [at] pnnl.gov, if you have any questions or concerns- and I’d love to see the paper when it’s written too.

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  3. Jason, I can’t find an email address for you. May I please have permission to use your peer review graphic with the cars (“Your manuscript as submitted… and after peer review and revision”) in an upcoming webinar for medical publications professionals? With full credit, of course! Thanks!

  4. Hi Jason,
    here is another blogger who would like to use your cartoon, or maybe the one called ‘therapy’ in a blogpost about ‘frontiers for young minds’, a science journal reviews by kids. The blogpost should be run here: http://blogs.egu.eu/divisions/sm/ and of course, we will include a URL to your blog.
    Thanks and best,

  5. Hey Jason.

    I’d love to use this image in a reflection paper about peer-review. May I please do so with a link back to your blog?


    • Certainly (if you’re still interested)- link back to my blog – or reference my Twitter handle @redpenblackpen. Sorry for the delayed response.

  6. Like so many others, I’m seeking your permission to use your imagine in talk I’m giving on academic writing.

    • Sure- go ahead. Please include attribution (it’s already on the graphic – but you can also reference my Twitter handle @redpenblackpen). Thanks for your interest!

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