6 thoughts on “Vaccination: It works

  1. Hi, I’m writing a book chapter on the anti-vaccination movement at the moment and would love to include this awesome cartoon in it. Are you the copyright holder, and if so would you grant permission for us to use it? Thanks, Alex

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  3. I realize this original post is quite old, but people continue to re-post this artwork.
    Here’s another idea for a cartoon:
    Have a baby sitting in a puddle of someone else’s blood or a needle sticking out and being thankful for the Hep B immunization.
    Or how about the Human papillomavirus vaccine that has permenently damaged our daughters and sons… for a virus that is curable.
    Not all immunizations are created equal.
    The pharmaceutical companies are driven by their bottom line.
    And the CDC (who is controlled by politicians that are controlled by corporations) will not differentiate ‘necessary vs. non-necessary’ when they take away our right to choose.

  4. …I do realize that at this point it is the individual states decision whether vaccines are mandated or not. I guess I’m just worried about the future :/

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