The Map of Manuscript-earth

Adventures in manuscript-land. For those who don’t get it this is imagining the path of writing an academic manuscript from the point of view of a map of a fantasy realm. There’s just so much material here- I may have to do another like this. What I didn’t really capture here is the very difficult aspect of getting rejecting, revising, resubmitting, and getting rejected again (damn you Reviewer 3!). It’s like going over those distant mountains then finding yourself back on the road somewhere still trying to get there. For a case in point of something that is still on this road see my stalled series on a computational biology project.

This comic is just crying out for a board game I think. Not sure anyone would play it though. Too painful.

The Map of Manuscript-earth

The Map of Manuscript-earth

2 thoughts on “The Map of Manuscript-earth

  1. Jason, you’re a very good teacher…you are able to breakdown complex concepts in clear, amuseing, and visual ways that even a child ( or mom) can grasp!

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