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Download Tabloid

Tabloid is a program designed to ease HTML Table development by providing a GUI, true WYSIWYG environment for table layout. Currently there is no documentation, although the program is pretty straightforward.

When the application is opened it will bring up an empty Tabloid document.

Add pictures to the document by selecting Add Pictures from the File menu, by dragging and dropping from another application or the desktop, or by cutting and pasting an image from another program. Drag the pictures around and position them the way you want them. If they overlap the pictures will be outlined in red instead of blue.

To modify attributes (TAGS) for the pieces- select the piece and select Information from the Pieces menu.

To save in native Tabloid format (for editing later) select Save from the File menu.

To create an HTML table, select the Export to HTML option from the File menu. You will be prompted for a file name for your HTML file.

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System Requirements: Macintosh PowerPC, OS 7.6 or better.

Tabloid v0.8