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The JEMWorks Corporation >> A company based on the idea of having a company. A location for quasi-commercial offerings of the highest calibre.

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Software Design
»Tabloid v0.8
An application for true WYSIWYG HTML table layout. Written for Macintosh, System 7.6 or better.

»tkCoLa v0.9
tkinter Command Language: A Python module which allows easy creation of GUI's for applications through a mini command language. Requires Python 1.5+ and Tcl/Tk 7.4+. Tested on UNIX.

EMXtalOrg is a suite of Electron Microscopy Image processing programs to help organize data and interface with a number of existing programs. Requires Python 1.5+ and Tcl/Tk 7.4+ and tkCoLa. Tested on UNIX.

Other various programs, code snippets, and works in progress. Mostly for Python, Macintosh C/C++, and UNIX C.

Web Design
»Javascript Code
Javascript code and snippets that I have written for web pages.

»The Soapbox
A place where I can gratutiously rant and rave about web design, the state of the internet, cell-phone-drivers, etc.

»JEMWorks Sites
Web sites that have been designed under the JEMWorks rubric.

»UNIX Quick Tutorial
A tutorial that should bring the novice UNIX user up to speed on how to get around in UNIX quickly. Might also be a nice reference for more experienced UNIX users as well.

»IRIX System Administration
A basic introduction to system adminsitration on SGI machines. This tutorial relies heavily on IRIX GUI sys-admin tools so is probably not very useful for more experienced users. IRIX 5.3 and 6.5 are covered.