Information About the Website

Manifesto: We intend this site to be more than simply pages of information about the wedding, driving directions, what we want as gifts, etc. We have created this site as a permanent and expandable home page of sorts, where we can put pictures, thoughts, writings, interactive displays for years to come. A sort of playground for the artistic/computer-oriented part of our relationship.

Technical Information

"I'm a doctor*, Jim, not a website designer"
* Ph.D.

That is to say, all of this is really just fooling around. I like to have an idea of what I would like to accomplish, or communicate with the entire site, then figure out a useful and aesthetically pleasing manner of doing this and then implement it as efficiently as possible. Of course the actual content comes a bit more slowly.
I have used basic HTML coding, javascript and some CGI's written in PERL to implement my initial idea of a wedding web site. The HTML and javascript was written 'by hand' using a shareware text editor called Alpha which has some built-in HTML writing tools. The CGI PERL scripts are not mine (although some have been modified slightly) and are credited where they are used. I used javascript to implement a number of different features of the site and some of it is loosely based on other scripts- most of it is my own and all of it took too much time to write.Graphics were created with Photoshop or Canvas and most are my own, though some incorporate bits and pieces of stock images. Everything you see has been done on a Macintosh, and much of it has been done late at night with a lot of coffee.

JEMWorks Design Division

Despite the slick logo, I am not the CEO of my own multimedia, multinational corporation. JEMWorks is a potential company that may (or may not) consist of me doing some work on the side. Have any interest, drop me a line at CEO, JEMWorks Corp..