Wedding Status Reports

July 7th 2001
One week and counting...
The wake-up call came two nights ago when we discovered that the guest count had risen above the 150 mark!

This weekend, sandals for the groom, choosing tablecloths and finalizing catering.

July 10th 2001
Just 4 days...
We had a very successful errand-running weekend, got almost everything done that we set out to do.
Kurt, the best man, is currently traversing the Dakotas, en route, and other members of the wedding party will be arriving soon.
We finished a design for the programs last night and will print them up on Thursday.

July 16th 2001
Leaving on honeymoon to Ixtapa, Mexico. We'll have pictures up next week- check back!

July 27th 2001
Back from the delightful honeymoon in Ixtapa, Mexico

Lots of sunbathing, swimming, sipping piña coladas, relaxing, and especially enjoying our hindsight view of the big event!

Putting pictures up of the wedding as we get them- take a look!