Maps and Driving Directions

» NOTE: Modified driving directions are in RED. They are slightly different than those on the invitation.

Map to Elk Cove Vineyard
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Driving Directions From Portland
    From Portland on US-26 W. to Elk Cove Vineyard:
  • From US-26 W. take OR-6 W exit towards Banks/ Tillamook/Forest Grove (20 miles from Portland).
  • Turn right at the sign reading "Banks, Forest Grove, Hwy 47" (3 miles from US-26) then turn right onto OR-47 South towards Forest Grove
  • Follow OR-47 past Forest Grove and on to the town of Gaston (15 miles from Banks).
  • Turn right onto Olson Rd. The road is just past the gas station in Gaston. There is an Elk Cove Vineyard sign directly opposite the road.
  • Follow Olson for 2.8 miles (This is a long, winding road through the countryside).
  • Elk Cove Vineyard is on your right. Drive past the house all the way to the brown building. Parking will be in the gravel lot in the rear of the building and there will be attendants to direct you.
Driving Directions From Hillsboro
  • From Hillsboro take T.V. Highway (Highway 8) west to Forest Grove. T.V. Highway becomes Pacific Ave. in Forest Grove.
  • Take a left at the intersection with Highway 47, there is a stoplight there and the McMenamins Grand Lodge is on your right, across the intersection.
  • Follow Highway 47 for 8 miles. When you reach the small town of Gaston be on the lookout for a sign pointing out Elk Cove Vineyards on your right directly following the town. This is Olson Rd.
  • Follow Olson road for 2.8 miles until you see Elk Cove Vineyards on your right. There will be someone to direct you to where to park.