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Close by to the Elk Cove Vineyards are two members of a growing group of McMenamin's Hotels. McMenamins is a "chain" of brewpubs, restaurants, movie theaters and B&B-style hotels that is much beloved by Portlanders, each is unique and has its own flavor, often reflecting the region or historic building that it is in.

Beer Label Their hotels are more like complexes. They contain bars, pubs, restaurants, soaking pools, movie theaters, and a copious amount of McMenamin's art which includes large colorful murals and tilework.

Their lodgings are termed 'European-Style' which means that several rooms share a bathroom (for cheaper rooms). But the stay is likely to be an experience as well as a place to sleep, especially for beer lovers.

McMenamins Grand Lodge
Close by, the Grand Lodge just opened in Forest Grove which is about 10 miles North of Elk Cove on Hwy 47.
McMenamins Hotel Oregon
Hotel Oregon is located just down the road in McMinnville, about 25 miles South of the vineyard.
McMenamins Home Page
A good source of information for all things McMenamins.
Block Reservations
If you are planning to stay at McMenamin's Grand Lodge we have a block of rooms reserved. Mention the "McDermott block" when making reservations. There should be a few of these rooms left.

Other Hotel-Type Options

Here are some other hotel options in the area with approximate price range indicated;
$-    less than $60/night,
$$-   $60-$100,
$$$-  over $100 a night.
Forest Grove (close to Elk Cove)
Forest Grove Travel Lodge
$$    (503) 335-7900

Tualitin Area (30 miles away)
Best Western Inn
$$    (503) 620-2030
Century Hotel
$$    (503) 692-3600

Portland Area (40 miles away)
Day's Inn
$$    (503) 221-1611
Doubletree Inn
$$    (503) 221-0450
Heathman Hotel
$$$   (503) 241-4100

Bed and Breakfasts

Cannon Beach at Sunset

Where to stay in Yamhill County

A guide to B&Bs in Yamhill County surrounding Elk Cove Vineyards

North Coast Bed and Breakfasts

The beautiful Northern Oregon Coast is only an hour's drive from the vineyard.

Parks and Camping Options

Painting of Champoeg Park

Champoeg State Park

Champoeg state park is located about 25 miles South East of Elk Cove and has overnight camping facilities as well as day use areas. It is a perfect central location for Northern wine country forays. They even feature some Yurts for rent!
Weather Forecast for the Champoeg Area
Might not be a bad idea to check this out before finalizing your plans, it being the great NorthWest and all!

Oregon State Parks

Take a look at the main Oregon Parks page for other (more distant) options, online reservations, and park descriptions.