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Additional information about the wedding can be obtained by contacting our parents at the addresses listed on the information sheet included with your invitation.

Who Are We Anyway?
spacer If you don't know already, let us introduce ourselves. Hi, I'm Jason, I'm responsible for the construction part of most of this site. The site itself would not be possible without the help, support and love of my partner, Sonya. I've just finished a graduate degree in Microbiology from Oregon Health Sciences University and Sonya is enrolled in the Nursing program at OHSU. I enjoy cooking, writing, golf, photography, handball, mucking about with computers, and a number of other pasttimes which I never seem to have enough time for. I am planning on a career in academic research, probably involving multiple interests. I am very much in love with Sonya and am extremely excited to be spending the rest of my life with her! Maybe I can get her to write something here soon.