Structural Analysis of Retroviral Capsid Proteins

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Table of Contents

Structural Analysis of Retroviral Capsid Proteins

ViralStructural Models

Gag Proteins of HIV-1 and M-MuLV

Assembly of Retroviral Particles

High Resolution Structures of Gag-Derived Proteins

Low Resolution Studies of Retroviruses

HIV-1 Capsid Mutagenesis Summary

M-MuLV Capsid Mutagenesis Summary

Introduction to EM Studies

2-D Crystallization of Proteins

MoCA: Crystal and Diffraction Pattern

Construction of a 3D Structure

MoCA: Membrane View

MoCA: EIAV Fitting

MoCA: Side View

MoCA: Alternate CTD Connections

HIVCA: Overview of EM


Author: Jason McDermott


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This is an abbreviated version of my Ph.D. Thesis defense talk. See also my Curriculum Vitae.