My Ph.D Thesis Page

Jason McDermott, Ph.D.

Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology

Oregon Health Sciences University

May 12th, 2000

Structural Analysis of Retroviral Capsid Proteins

Well, I'm quite glad to be finished with it. After 5 years it feels good to be free. And I'm making this statement about 10 months after the fact too. All I've gotten around to is putting my publications online and putting the slides from an abbreviated version of my Thesis Defense online, see below for links.

>> An Abrreviated and Unnotated Version of my Thesis Defense (yes, from PowerPoint)
>> My Curriculum Vitae has a links to the publications contained in the Thesis itself.
>> Introduction in Postscript Format or MS Word 98 Format.
>> Conclusions in Postscript Format or MS Word 98 Format.