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Jason McDermott
Art Photography

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Phone: (206) 246-5300

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»La Center Installation

Starbucks Coffee,
Tukwila WA, January 2003
Gideon Kramer Installation,
(one photo included) Kent WA, September 2002
La Center Arts Weekend Invited Artist,
La Center WA, May 2001
Dia De Los Muertos Show,
Studio 2507, Portland OR, November 2000
OHSU Juried Photo Exhibit,
OHSU, Portland OR, September 2000

Artistic expression of any kind is a two part endeavor. At first is art, flowing directly from artist, personal to them. The second is expression, artists create to communicate ideas and feelings. The interplay between these two components can be quite complicated and can communicate in ways not explicitly intended by the artist and not explicitly understood by the observer.

Photography is about details. The subject of a photograph can be as wide as a sweeping landscape or as narrow as the hair on the back of someone's hand, but what sets a photograph apart from others is the details. How the emotion of a scene is communicated, a particular view of the world, a startling contrast, all of these make good subjects.

The goal of a photographer is to show the window through which they see the world on film. It may be easy to see the beauty and intrigue in a bin of paper clips but it can be very difficult to communicate that on film.

The process of photography is composed of two main components; vision and choice. Vision is the desire and/or ability to examine the world and notice details, arrangement, color and light which brings forth feeling or meaining. Choice the method by which the photographer translates vision into art. Choice of angle, composition, lighting, etc. is one aspect of this process. The other is choosing which photographs to display.

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