On August 30th, 2002 at 4:50PM young Lucas Skywalker Blanch-McDermott was born at a healthy 8lbs 5oz. I, tio jalepeno (uncle pepper), was there to photo and video the whole thing. Here is a (mostly) chronologic arrangement of some of the pictures that I took.

I've put some more recent pictures of the young lad from Halloween time HERE

babylucas.catalog 1-25 | 26-50 | 51-75 | 76-100 | 101-125 | 126-150 | 151-175 | 176-194

parents_1 parents_2 parents_3 melissa_1 poppa_1
parents_1.jpg parents_2.jpg parents_3.jpg melissa_1.jpg poppa_1.jpg
poppa_2 melissa_2 melissa_3 melissa_4 labor_1
poppa_2.jpg melissa_2.jpg melissa_3.jpg melissa_4.jpg labor_1.jpg
labor_2 labor_3 labor_4 labor_5 labor_6
labor_2.jpg labor_3.jpg labor_4.jpg labor_5.jpg labor_6.jpg
labor_7 labor_8 labor_9 labor_10 labor_11
labor_7.jpg labor_8.jpg labor_9.jpg labor_10.jpg labor_11.jpg
labor_12 labor_13 labor_14 labor_15 labor_16
labor_12.JPG labor_13.JPG labor_14.JPG labor_15.JPG labor_16